The Glynn County Board of Education approved a contractor proposal Tuesday that allows site clearing to begin on the new Altama Elementary School property.

The school board voted unanimously to approve the bid from Poppell-Eller, Inc., a Brunswick-based contractor, to complete the work for $253,238.90.

“We went out for proposals to do the phase one site clearing for the new Altama Elementary School,” said Al Boudreau, executive director of operations for Glynn County Schools. “The recommendation made last Thursday was to the highest-rated, lowest-cost, local contractor for the clearing, which was Poppell-Eller.”

The bid price was significantly lower than other options considered by the school board.

The new Altama Elementary School will be built on property about three-fourths of a mile from the current school. The new address will be 6045 Altama Avenue.

School system architects are also in the process now of completing design plans for the new school. Trees will be cleared for two entrances that are proposed in the current design, Boudreau said.

A 50-foot buffer will be left on the south side of the property, between the school and a neighboring retirement community.

A 30-foot barrier will also be left on the property’s north side, as well as around the wetlands on the backside of the property, Boudreau said.

“We had the luxury of a fairly big lot, so we’re going to keep a good buffer there for all the surrounding properties,” he said.

The site clearing will be the first phase of work on the new school, which is expected to be ready to open before the 2021-2022 school year.

“We’re getting closer,” said school board chairman Jerry Mancil.

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