The Sidney Lanier Bridge is open as of 9:30 a.m. according to Georgia Department of Transportation workers on U.S. Highway 17 Thursday morning.

Workers began removing traffic barrels and barricades at around 9:25, and confirmed at 9:30 a.m. that the bridge was open.

Glynn County Public Works officials confirmed as of 10 a.m. that no county roads or bridges will be closed as a result of Hurricane Michael.

The roads public works has inspected look good, Ben Pierce, public works roads and drainage division manager, said. A pine tree fell across a road in Gascoigne Park, but not much otherwise, he said.

Pierce said the county has seen little damage to county property so far.

“We did see the beach crossing access in front of Neptune Park. The steps, I took a look at it this morning, it looks like the tide surge dislodged the steps and brought them up on the rocks,” Pierce said. “... Looks like one of those old structures not built according to current standards.”

Public works was inspecting bridges on Perry Lane Road and Oak Grove Island as of 9 a.m., he said. Bridges on Sea Island Road across Dunbar Creek, on East Beach Causeway and on Peninsula Drive in the Sea Palms neighborhood, all on St. Simons Island, had been inspected and looked safe, he said.

“We don’t see a lot of significant damage, so that’s a good thing ... I don’t expect there will be a lot more to report,” Pierce said.

The St. Simons Island Pier was still closed as of 9 a.m. due to high winds, however.

“The winds are still high. I don’t know the speeds of course, but if you stand at the pier or in an open space, you get a pretty good breeze, so there’s still a reason to keep it closed for safety reasons,” Pierce said.

An announcement from the county stated it will not be conducting county-wide debris pickup because a federally-declared state of emergency did not apply to Glynn County.

Residents can request yard debris pickup by calling county customer service at 912-554-7111 or Republic Services at 912-267-6400 if they live in the city of Brunswick.

Trash pickup is expected to maintain its normal schedule, the release stated.

County, city and Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water and Sewer Commission offices are still planning to open today at noon.

Georgia Power Area Manager Paulo Albuquerque said only around a couple hundred customers lost power over Wednesday night. Most of them already had power restored as of noon today, and he said the rest would be back online by 4 p.m.

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