Several schools started the new year Thursday with a change in leadership.

Golden Isles Elementary, Glyndale Elementary and Jane Macon Middle School are led by new principals this school year.

All three principals bring decades of education experience and have previously held leadership positions in Glynn County Schools.

Tracy Reyna, the new principal at Golden Isles Elementary, served as the school’s assistant principal for the last six years. She’s worked in Glynn County Schools for 19 years and has held a variety of positions in multiple schools.

“I feel like I have gotten an experience at every single level,” Reyna said. “… All of that has helped me, it really has. The most important piece, as a principal, was being an instructional coach, because as a principal I think you have to be the instructional leader of the school.”

She plans to focus on the growth of students and building relationships in the school.

“There’s just a really good feel at our school this year,” Reyna said. “Everybody is on board, and we work as a team well. Everybody’s clicking.”

Mary Jo Swiger, the new principal at Glyndale Elementary, has worked in Glynn County Schools for five years and has 24 years total experience in education. She’s previously worked at Altama and Burroughs-Molette elementary schools.

She hopes to incorporate her breadth of instructional experience into her collaborative leadership style.

“We plan collectively to move Glyndale together,” she said.

She worked this summer to create the new motto a for the school — “Act to impact.”

“We really wanted to include our students and our community and families in our mission and vision,” she said.

A last-minute change brought Leslie Forcina to Jane Macon Middle School as the new principal. Forcina, who has worked in Glynn County Schools for 20 years and in education for 27 years, most recently worked as assistant principal at Needwood Middle School.

“Everything I’ve done for the last 27 years, you just bring it with you and it shapes you,” Forcina said. “I think what is so valuable is that I have had the experience in an elementary school and now at two other middle schools. And I’m taking the best of everything and bringing it right here to Jane Macon.”

Michele Seals, the most recent principal at Jane Macon, will stay on board temporarily to help with the transition. Forcina said the school’s focus will be on parent and family engagement, literacy across all content areas and school climate and safety.

“It’s just so exciting to have such a great opportunity to lead a building with a great team —teachers, students and parents,” Forcina said.

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