Glynco Plaza

Tanya Sergey stands in her new restaurant, A Moveable Feast, at 1178 Chapel Crossing Road, Brunswick.

Balloons danced in the breeze outside the restaurant’s door, emblazoned with the “now open” sign. Stepping into A Moveable Feast at 1178 Chapel Crossing Road in Brunswick, it’s clear that the new dining establishment is offering something different.

The owner, Tanya Sergey, says that’s all part of the plan. The restaurant, which is named for Earnest Hemingway’s novel, offers soups, salads and sandwiches but with a bit of a twist — the ingredients are almost all super foods. From quinoa on salads to grilled salmon and an assortment of gluten free items, Sergey is hoping her customers will be able to enjoy good food that’s good for them.

“There aren’t a lot of options for the health conscious people and there certainly aren’t many options over this way,” she said, seated at one of the tables.

“We live out here and we can drive for miles before we even pass somewhere to eat. And most of it, I can’t eat because I try to eat healthy.”

This isn’t Sergey’s first brush with the business however. She’s actually very comfy in her kitchen.

“I had the Family Chef for several years. It was a gourmet delivery service on the island. Then we moved to Maryland. We moved back and I wanted to get back in the business,” Sergey said. “I thought this was the perfect place to open up because it’s right across from FLETC and there really isn’t anything on this side of town.”

But more stuff is coming. Sergey opened Tuesday and joins an Olive Affair, Sally’s Cop Shop as well as several other businesses in the Glynco Plaza. Coupled with Olive Affairs and a new restaurant that will open Feb. 29, Sergey feels the center is an up- and-coming location, offering unique food items that will reach far beyond FLETC staff and students.

“Purple Sage is opening a restaurant. They’ve had a building for their catering here for years so that will be great. Then Amanda has a massage parlor here ... I just think it’s really coming along,” she said.

The new neighbors are a welcome sight for Larry Eisenberg as well. The owner of Olive Affairs, a gift shop that also offers international food to sample and meals to take home, is excited to see more businesses joining the center.

“I think it’s great. I think this whole area has been kind of forgotten about,” he said. “I’ve been here for three years and people come in all the time and say, ‘I had no idea you were here.’”

Eisenberg does have a steady stream of FLETC instructors who enjoy his mix of exotic food. He serves authentic Indian, Lebanese and Greek food that come pre-packaged and ready to go. But he makes all of them himself. His grab and go menu includes Greek gyros, Indian palak paneer, naan bread, humus and baba ganoush.

“I’ve always been curious and I love to travel the world. And there’s two ways you learn about a culture: its language and its food,” he said.

He’s acquired the recipes from his adventures and brought them back to Glynn County, inviting locals who come from the countries of the food he serves to offer their opinions on the items.

“They tell me what I need to tweak. But most of them say I’m very close to what they have at home,” he said. “I’ve been told by a couple of people from Lebanon that my hummus is better than what they get at home.”

Eisenberg feels that with more restaurants and a variety of cuisine from around the world, more people will start visiting the plaza. And that’s good for all those involved.

“I really think this could become a culinary destination ... a place where people come to find something unique,” he said.

David Quimet shares that view. The owner of Purple Sage Catering and the soon-to-open Bistro 1188 feels that the restaurants complement rather than compete with one another.

“We all do things that are a little different,” he said, standing in his building that’s still being renovated.

“We’re doing bistro fare ... and we don’t have the menu set yet but we’ll have bison burgers, a Korean taco and of course, Wild Georgia Shrimp. We have a very versatile culinary staff, already from our catering company.”

When he opens his doors Feb. 29, he hopes to draw in a variety of customers from across the Isles.

“I think we all just give people an opportunity to try something different. That’s what we want to do,” Ouimet said.

Reporter Lindsey Adkison writes about business and other local topics. Contact her at on Facebook or at 265-8320 ext. 346.

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