Glynn County Schools will be able this year to offer students the opportunity to receive a fine arts seal on their high school diplomas.

Valerie Whitehead, executive director of strategy and innovation for Glynn County Schools, announced this news at the Glynn County Board of Education’s work session Thursday. The school system recently received word that its application asking to be able to offer this seal has been approved.

The Golden Isles Youth Orchestra supported the application process, Whitehead said.

“We worked collaboratively with some input from those community groups as well as our two high schools and submitted an application, and we received that news that we have been given that opportunity to award that seal at the end of this year,” said Whitehead, adding that she will soon meet with students on track to earn this recognition and inform them what still needs to be done before their graduation.

The school board also reviewed the school calendar for the 2021-2022 school year and will vote at its regular meeting Tuesday on whether to put the proposed draft on the table for one month, in hopes of receiving community input.

The calendar includes 178 school days for students and uses the two leftover days for teacher planning and professional learning.

The school board will also vote Tuesday on whether to approve a $314,792 purchase of vestibules for 10 schools, as part of a state-mandated effort to improve safety in all public schools.

The state has provided $30,000 for each individual school to use for security improvements. Glynn County plans to use a significant amount of the grant money to install vestibules.

“This initiative is to build vestibules so that there’s a security containment area when people come to the schools,” said Jim Pulos, assistant superintendent for operations and administrative services for Glynn County Schools. “We’re able to do that in 10 of the schools right now.”

The vestibules will have a similar set up as the entrance to Brunswick High School, Pulos said. If the purchase is approved by the school board, installation will be completed in 120 days.

“This would be a huge push, again, to continue to make our schools safe,” Pulos said.

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