mansfield gate

The Glynn County Board of Education approved a work bid recently that allows installation to begin on gates across Mansfield Street at Glynn Academy. The gates are part of a plan to fence off the school and make it more secure. Glynn Academy has a unique, open campus layout that stretches across a few active streets in downtown Brunswick.

Glynn County Schools has received state approval to begin implementing plans to use safety grants at every school site.

This year, the state budget includes $30,000 for every public school site in Georgia to use for security improvements. Jim Pulos, assistant superintendent for operations and administrative services for Glynn County Schools, reported to the Glynn County Board of Education at a work session Tuesday that the school system’s plans to use that funding have been approved and that work will begin soon on the security improvements.

“We met with all the principals and went through what their security plans are for their locations and developed, we think, a very reasonable approach for how to utilize this money,” Pulos said.

The plan for every school site is different, Pulos said, but overall the changes make small improvements that enhance the overall security at every school.

Planned changes include additional fencing, security cameras, access controls, panic buttons, radios and more.

Vestibules that limit school entrance access will be the most expensive improvement made in most schools, Pulos said.

The school board also heard a positive report on Advanced Placement (AP) course exam results from the spring semester.

At Glynn Academy and Brunswick High, 480 students took AP exams last year. The highest score on the test is 5, and 431 students scored 3 or higher on an exam.

“We really had some strong outcomes in those areas,” said Valerie Whitehead, executive director of strategy and innovation for Glynn County Schools.

Seventy-two students scored a 5 on an exam. Five students were also recognized as National AP Scholars.

“It was just several years ago that we had our first National AP Scholars,” Whitehead said. “And so we’ve gone from getting on that radar to actually increasing the numbers of students that are being recognized there.”

The school board work session was originally scheduled for Sept. 5, but the threat of Hurricane Dorian forced the meeting to be rescheduled to just before the regular school board meeting Tuesday.

At the school board meeting that followed the work session, the school board voted to approve a capital outlay application to request $127,776 from the state, in order to replace the roof on Glynn Academy’s new gym.

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