bus wreck

Brunswick Police inspect utility pole Monday morning after it was struck and toppled by a Glynn County Schools bus driver. Police decided not to cite the driver for the incident, but he will face a school district accident review panel to determine if reprimands are warranted.

A Glynn County Schools bus driver clipped a utility pole and caused it to topple into the roadway Monday morning in downtown Brunswick, but he continued on his route thinking he had only struck the curb, county schools officials said.

The pole at Gloucester and Egmont streets toppled moments later, blocking parts of both roads. Witnesses told city police about the school bus driver striking the pole and driving away, according to a police log.

No students were on the bus at the time of the incident, said school district spokeswoman Brittany Tate.

The driver has routes for Glynn Academy and the Golden Isles College and Career Academy, she said.

When the driver reached his destination Monday at GICCA on Glynco Parkway, he noticed damage to the side of the bus in the rear that was consistent with striking an object. The driver returned to the scene and talked with police, said Schools Police Chief Rod Ellis.

“The guy thought he struck the curb. He didn’t realize he hit the utility pole. He said, ‘Yeah, I see the marks on the side of my bus, but I didn’t think I had done that,’” Ellis said. “But he went back to the scene and took care of business, took responsibility for it.”

City police did not issue the driver a citation for the incident, Brunswick Police Capt. Wan Thorpe said.

The school district’s accident review panel will review the incident to determine whether to reprimand the driver, Tate said.

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