The Glynn County Board of Education will vote on whether to approve several purchases and other changes for the school system at its regular meeting Tuesday.

“We’re looking to update this particular policy,” said Jim Pulos, assistant superintendent for operations and administrative services for Glynn County Schools, at a school board work session on Sept. 6. “Primarily the biggest impact is that it allows the superintendent to select individuals that he designates to meet as a panel.”

The change will allow school administrators to stay at their schools, rather than coming to the administration office for tribunals.

Panel members will be retirees from the community who will be paid about $40 each per tribunal.

The board will vote on whether to approve using $12,000 from the school system’s general fund to pay the panel members.

The school board is also scheduled to vote on whether to approve a change in the school system’s digital communications procedures.

The school system is currently paying about $100,000 annually for the use of phone radio devices that connect employees throughout the school system.

School officials have arranged for the school system to become its own radio operator and purchase new equipment. Pulos said the proposed change will result in significant savings for the school system.

The school system also has a grant opportunity that will cover many of the costs, he said.

School officials have also proposed that the system increase its internet access capabilities and add a line, to avoid issues when the internet goes down.

“One of the things that we experience often is that when there’s a problem, could be anywhere, where our line is messed up through AT&T … we’re basically at a standstill,” Pulos said.

Adding a gigabyte of bandwidth will provide a back-up that can compensate when the main line goes down.

The addition will cost about $1,000 a month. The school board is set to vote to approve this purchase Tuesday.

A final budget item at the meeting will be the approval of using grant money from the Learning, Living and Leading in Georgia (L4GA) grant to purchase laptops for schools.

Glynn County Schools received more than $2 million earlier this year in grant money through the L4GA program.

“The grant proposal was all based on individual school plans on ways that they felt they could increase the literacy rates within their schools,” said Valerie Whitehead, executive director of strategy and innovation for Glynn County Schools.

The purchase of laptops is one component of how schools’ plans to use the grant, she said.

“We’d like approval through those grants fund to be able to purchase laptops to increase students’ hands-on use with technology, to access digital literacy as well as the interventions while they’re in the classroom,” Whitehead said.

The school board meting will begin at 6 p.m. at the administration building, 1313 Egmont St. in Brunswick.

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