Glynn County school board

The Glynn County Board of Education recently earned “Exemplary School Board” status from the Georgia School Boards Association.

The Glynn County Board of Education recently earned “Exemplary School Board” status from the Georgia School Boards Association.

“Exemplary School Board” recognition is the highest status awarded by the organization.

“I commend our board members for going above and beyond in earning outstanding recognition,” said Virgil Cole, superintendent of Glynn County Schools, in a press release. “This is the highest level of distinction in the GSBA recognition program, and only 55 of the 180 public school boards in the state have earned this status.”

The recognition program aims to showcase best practices in school governance and leadership. GSBA recognizes good school board governance to foster educational community cultures in order to advance student learning and achievement.

The GSBA Board recognition program is a three-year, three tiered program.

The local school board had to meet or exceed specific criteria required by GSBA to earn this honor. The achieve “Exemplary” status, a school board must have already been recognized as a “Quality” and “Distinguished” board.

Other requirements include the adoption and implementation of a school system strategic plan, along with a balanced scorecard to measure progress on state improvement goals, as well as compliance with all applicable accreditation standards by the board and school system.

The school board must complete an annual superintendent evaluation, regularly review district finances by the governance leadership team in public meeting and develop an annual budget that includes public meetings and public input, exceed annual state board of education training requirements and complete an annual GSBA governance self-assessment along with an independent assessment by a GSBA Exemplary status committee.

The GSBA Governance Team Recognition Program was developed by Georgia superintendents and board members based on the state board of education’s standards for effective governance to recognize exemplary leadership.

Jerry Mancil, chairman of the local school board, said this achievement required a team effort.

“We accept this as a salute to the hard work and devotion that our administration, the faculty, our teaching staff and our entire employee network puts forth every day to build and strengthen our school system for not only our students, but for the future of our community,” said Mancil, in a press release.

Everyone involved cares strongly about the well-being of local schools and children, Mancil said.

“It is a great feeling to have others in our state recognize the type of dedication of such a deserving group of people,” Mancil said. “This would never be possible without the support of our internal staff, the business community, our nonprofit organizations, Communities in Schools and many others. I am honored to be chairman of the wonderful achieving Glynn County School System.”

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