School buses sit in the Glynn County Schools bus yard.

Glynn County Schools will soon gain 12 brand new school buses but will lose a giant trampoline.

The Glynn County Board of Education voted to approve a $1,477,654 purchase of new buses at its meeting Tuesday night. The purchase is part of an ongoing effort to update the aging fleet of buses the school system operates.

The school board also voted to approve a $35,345 purchase to update the school system’s Mitel partner support agreement, which will update the district’s telephone system. Lastly, the board voted to approve the surplus of a 15x15-foot trampoline at Jane Macon Middle School.

The school board voted unanimously without discussion to approve the purchases. Each one was discussed in detail, however, during the school board’s work session on Feb. 7.

Glynn County Schools has a bus fleet of 131 buses. Those vehicles are replaced based on age and mileage, as buses will eventually become too expensive to maintain.

“An aging fleet means more and more expenses, so we’re putting more and more money into these older vehicles,” said Jim Pulos, assistant superintendent for operations and administrative services for Glynn County Schools, during the work session.

The school board approved the purchase of 11 84-passenger buses, which each cost $126,994, as well as one 14-passenger bus with features to serve special-needs students. The smaller bus will cost $80,720.

“(This purchase) will replace 10 of the 14 remaining buses that lack air conditioning,” Pulos said. “And I think that would be a great thing for South Georgia.”

The 84-passenger buses will allow the transportation department to decrease the number of routes by transporting more students at once.

A lift feature on the 14-passenger bus will benefit students with special needs, Pulos said, and the smaller bus size will allow the vehicle to travel down tight road areas.

The school board approved the surplus of eight old buses as well.

The money for the bus purchase will come from a fund set up by the school system into which excess money from the general fund is sometimes moved.

“This next purchase will pretty much wipe out what’s there,” said Andrea Preston, assistant superintendent of finances for Glynn County Schools, at the work session.

Pulos also informed the school board at the work session that he does not believe any other school in the district has a giant trampoline, so the surplus of Jane Macon’s should rid Glynn County Schools of this potential risk of student injury.

The trampoline is about 10 years old, Pulos said, and a new one of the same size would cost about $3,000.

Selling the trampoline will free up space at Jane Macon Middle, he said.

“How much you want for it?” joked school board member Hank Yeargan at the work session.

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