Clay Hutchinson, owner of Sapelo Station restaurant in Eulonia, will move to Darien to open a restaurant at the Oaks on the River, a riverfront commercial development that will include condominiums and a boutique hotel, Lucas Properties announced.

Hutchinson has owned and operated the highly regarded Sapelo Station for six years. The restaurant is for sale, and his new operation at the northern foot of the U.S. 17 bridge over the Darien River will be called Spartina Grill.

Spartina Grill will occupy the former offices of the development authority and once renovated will include a screened porch, a wooden deck and a rooftop bar, Lucas Properties said.

Born in Savannah, Hutchinson said he wants to build a structure reminiscent of the pavilions on Tybee Island and the Isle of Hope.

The restaurant will be constructed of tabby and wood and its menu will feature low country fare including steak, local shrimp and seafood and vegetables as they are available, according to a release.

Hutchinson is the current chairman of the Darien-McIntosh County Chamber of Commerce, is on the board of the Historical Preservation Commission and is an assistant chief of the McIntosh County Fire Department.

He had moved to Florida and once he retired from the Seminole County Fire Department moved back to Georgia.

As for the rest of Oaks on the River, Lucas Properties said framing is complete on two stories of the condominiums and that the project is on schedule for completion in November 2019. Work on the hotel should begin in early 2020, the company said.

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