Irma Monday

Fallen limbs and debris littered S Street in Brunswick in the wake of Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Local representatives of the Salvation Army’s Disaster Long Term Recovery program are seeking more clients with unmet needs related to Hurricane Irma, which hit the Golden Isles in September 2017 and left significant damage in its wake.

Martha Dismer, emergency disaster service case worker for Salvation Army, reported at a meeting Monday of the Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster (VOAD) of Coastal Georgia that she hopes to aid more local residents who are still dealing with damage from the hurricane.

“We are wanting more clients because we do have more monies to spend, and that’s what we want to do, especially before potentially we have another hurricane hit,” Dismer said.

The local VOAD, which formed in response to needs in this area following Hurricane Irma, meets regularly to address ongoing storm preparation and response plans.

The Salvation Army’s Disaster Long Term Recovery offers assistance to those affected by Hurricane Irma. The program’s case managers help clients assess their damages, assist them in hiring contractors to repair homes and provide funding to help cover the costs.

“The Salvation Army had donors that raised money for us to follow up with people that had unmet needs related to Hurricane Irma,” Dismer said. “So (Tuesday), I will have been doing this for a year.”

She currently has 28 clients who are being processed. The program has completed three major construction projects so far that cost more than $20,000, Dismer reported.

Ten homes have received new roofs, exterior intensive repairs have been completed at seven homes and several trailers have been approved for purchase to replace ones destroyed by the storm.

Dismer is looking to expand her case load while this program is still offered locally, and she is seeking referrals.

The needs are still out there, she said, as the Glynn County Emergency Management Agency has reported seeing homes still covered by tarps due to damage caused by the storm. Many are also in need in McIntosh County, Dismer said.

Those seeking assistance or hoping to refer a case can contact Dismer at

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