Residents should plan to shelter in place on Sunday and Monday, and prepare for a possible evacuation order, according to Glynn County officials.

"The good news is it’s not a well-developed storm, and that works toward our favor,” said county Emergency Management Agency acting director Alec Eaton.

As of Saturday morning, forecasts for the Golden Isles include sustained winds up to 35-55 mph and hurricane-strength gusts of 75 mph or higher starting Sunday and overnight into Monday, he said.

Glynn County residents are advised to shelter in place on Sunday and Monday until the storm passes. Emergency responders have extra crews on standby to deal with the aftermath, Eaton said.

Once the weather has calmed down, he asked residents to stay in their homes to give responders time to clear streets and downed power lines.Crews can work safer and more efficient with less traffic on the road,” Eaton said.

Residents should still prepare for the eventuality of an evacuation, however.

Evacuation plans should take into account the COVID-19 outbreak. Instead of booking a hotel room, he recommending contacting friends or family when looking for somewhere to go during an evacuation.

All residents should also have an emergency kit prepared at all times.

Emergency kits should include, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the typical first aid kit, flashlight, portable radio, extra batteries, a gallon of clean water, a seven-day supply of prescribed medication, a cell phone charger, non-perishable food, emergency contact information, extra cash and sanitation supplies.

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