PTA Bowl

Hanna Woods, above, applies her jousting skills to knock down a stack of cans at the Glyndale Elementary School tent during last year’s PTA Bowl.

A new school year has begun, and with that beginning comes a flurry of activity for students, parents and schools.

As everyone eases back into the routine, the Glynn County Council of PTAs hopes parents will take a moment to sign up for their school’s PTA and make a commitment to stay involved throughout the school year.

Parents will have the opportunity to sign up this Sunday, at the seventh annual PTA Bowl, which will be held from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Glynn County Stadium.

The family-friendly event will be packed with fun activities as well as opportunities for parents and students to mingle with school system leaders, PTA groups and school staff.

“This is the second year we actually have had the event after school’s started, so we’re hoping to see what we saw last year. It increased attendance at the event, and it increased the number of PTA members that each of the schools have,” said Christine Pierce, chair of the event. “So we’re hoping to see that trend continue.”

All schools plan to have representatives at the event, she said, and to set up tents with activities for students and their families. Under each tent, school PTAs will set up tables where parents can sign up to be members.

“PTA memberships are important for the schools … to engage the parents, to build a base of volunteers and to get the parents aware of what’s going on in the schools,” Pierce said.

The event will feature, as always, games and activities, drum line performances, and free food and drinks.

Raffle tickets will be made available during the event, and door prize give-aways will begin around 4:30 p.m.

Other than signing up for PTA membership, all activities at the event will be free.

“We’ll have a lot of fun stuff for kids, so come out and see your fellow parents at your schools and talk to your PTA folks,” Pierce said.

There will also be the annual contest for the PTA Bowl trophy, awarded to the school that signs up the most PTA members. A second trophy will also be awarded to the school that has the highest percentage of members based on the school’s enrollment.

Pierce encouraged families to come out Sunday, as the event allows parents and school staff to connect outside of the hectic bustle of events that kick off every busy school year.

“This is an event that came up because we wanted to focus on PTA membership and not have that part be lost in the back to school shuffle of shopping and all the paperwork and getting accustomed to new schedules,” Pierce said. “This event allows the parents and schools to connect outside of open house and orientation.”

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