In the unlikely event you were watching ESPN’s “Fantasy Football Now” on Sunday morning, you may have seen actor Chris Pratt discussing his fantasy team in a self-recorded mobile phone video — a video that also briefly showed fellow actor J.K. Simmons seated nearby. There’s a reason for that, and that reason could also be bringing them to Jekyll Island in the next couple months.

The state Department of Natural Resources’ Coastal Resources Division released paperwork Tuesday relating to the granting of permission to Boneyard Pictures to film on Jekyll at some point between Dec. 11 and Jan. 30. The filming includes a beach scene from the upcoming film “The Tomorrow War,” which stars Pratt and Simmons.

According to the permission letter, “The scene will start on the asphalt road known as Beachview Drive South. The min vehicle, the Humvee, is being chased by ‘another vehicle.’ This ‘vehicle’ will be a Grip Trix electric vehicle that the camera will be mounted on. The Humvee turns into the entrance of the (Jekyll Island Authority) access road heading toward the beach with the other vehicle in close pursuit.

“The vehicles will turn either north or south onto the packed sand. The characters get out of their vehicles and have a conversation. Two of the characters will be rescued by a simulated helicopter by using large electric-powered fans.”

One of the characters also fires off a flare gun.

Public access during filming will be restricted on the beach from the South Dune Park area to Glory Beach.

The film was previously known as “Ghost Draft” before unforeseen and unspecified problems forced a title change. Space aliens are involved — to effectively fight off the invasion, humanity decides to do a little time-travel and draft soldiers from the past.

It’s being distributed by Paramount Pictures and produced by Skydance, and has an anticipated release date of Christmas 2020.

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