Police surround suspended officer

Glynn County Police officers man their posts on Ga. Highway 99 near Hutcheson Plantation Thursday.

Glynn County Police officers descended on Hutcheson Plantation on Ga. Highway 99 in Sterling Thursday night trying to apprehend suspended police Lt. Robert “Cory” Sasser.

“Sasser has violated the conditions of his release and we are trying to bring him back into custody,” said Glynn County Police Chief John Powell Thursday night.

He confirmed no other details about the incident and provided no further information.

As of shortly before 8:30 p.m. police had tracked Sasser and his truck to the property and surrounded him there, but had not detained him as of press time.

County police asked law enforcement via emergency radio communications around 5 p.m. to be on the look out for Sasser driving his F-150 and warned that he left his house armed with a gun. Officers were worried about his well being, according to the announcement.

Sasser was placed on unpaid administrative leave this week following a Monday arrest when he turned himself into police after an alleged domestic incident with his wife early Sunday.

Sasser was booked Monday on simple battery charges under the family violence act and for criminal trespassing. Those charges stemmed from a review by county Solicitor General Maria Lugue and Magistrate Judge Alex Atwood.

Sasser posted bond of more than $4,800 after he was booked.

He was one of two Glynn County Police officers involved in the controversial shooting of Caroline Small in 2010 that led to her death. A Glynn County grand jury chose not to press criminal charges against Sasser and fellow officer, the late Todd Simpson, for the use of force.

U.S. District Court Judge Lisa Godbey Wood ruled in 2014 that the officers did not violate Small’s civil rights with the use of force. That ruling was upheld by the 11th Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals.

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