A 5-year-old boy died Wednesday night after his mother accidentally drove over the child with her vehicle in the parking lot of the Brooklyn Homes housing complex off of P Street in Brunswick, according to the Georgia State Patrol.

Raynal Osborne, 5, was pronounced dead at the emergency room of the Southeast Georgia Health System’s Brunswick hospital following the 6:40 p.m. crash, according to the highway patrol. State troopers said surveillance video from Brooklyn Homes captured the tragic accident.

Sandreil Smith, 29, had just entered the Brooklyn Homes parking lot from P Street in a Honda Accord when she saw her son and another boy playing, according to the state patrol. She stopped and handed snacks to Raynal from the driver side window, state patrol said.

“He was standing next to the car with his friend,” state patrol officials said in an email. Raynal took the snack and stepped away, walking in front of the car. He tripped while walking in front of the Accord, the state patrol said. Smith was still talking with the other child and did not see her son fall, the state patrol said.

She then drove the Accord forward, rolling over her son. “The Honda traveled over the victim and then stopped,” according to the state patrol.

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