In the summer of 2017, a teenaged boy confided to his pastor that he thought he might be gay.

Brunswick police allege that this was the beginning of a yearlong sexual relationship between the boy and his pastor, Daniel T. Hines of the City of Refuge Family Worship Center at 1005 Albermarle St. in Brunswick, according to arrest warrants and a police report filed last week in Glynn County Magistrate Court.

Hines, 38, was arrested Aug. 7 by Brunswick Police and charged with aggravated child molestation and sodomy. He remains in the Glynn County Detention Center, held without bond, a jail spokeswoman said. Hines is scheduled for a first court appearance at 9:30 a.m. Thursday in Magistrate Court at the Glynn County Courthouse.

Brunswick police began investigating Hines after being contacted on June 28 by the alleged victim, now 17. The victim alleged he was in a sexual relationship with Hines from around June or July of 2017 to around the same time in 2018. The boy was 15 when he allegedly confided to Hines that he “believed that he was gay,” the Brunswick police report filed in Magistrate Court states.

Hines allegedly began sending the boy messages regarding sexual fantasies shortly afterward, police said. This led to Hines allegedly performing sexual acts on the boy in Hines’ office at the church in the evenings “after rehearsals,” the report said. In September of 2017, the boy allegedly began spending nights at Hines’ house in suburban Glynn County and the sexual activity escalated, according to the police report.

“The sexual relationship continued through June or July of 2018,” the Brunswick Police report said. Their meetings allegedly were arranged through secret text, which the boy was urged to delete immediately, the report said. When receiving texts from Hines, the boy allegedly used the code “chicken tender porcupine” ‘to confirm that it was him on the phone, and that he was alone,’ the report said.

Hines allegedly presented the boy with gifts often and gave him access to Amazon products through a debit card, the report said.

The boy told police he allegedly ended the relationship because he felt guilty, the report said.

Hines turned himself in Wednesday at the Brunswick Police Department.

Hines also is a school bus driver for Glynn County Schools. The county School District placed Hines on administrative leave Aug. 5, after learning he was under investigation, a school spokeswoman said.

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