A virtual screening tool offered by Augusta University has been used to screen around 2,500 people in the state for COVID-19.

According to the university, the online tool can connect users with a healthcare provider in minutes. Providers can also help with treatment plans or send prescriptions to selected pharmacies.

Officials with the Augusta University’s Brunswick-based southeast campus said earlier this month that the Southeast Georgia Health System — as well as hospitals in Rome, Athens and Albany — was on the list locations to which the university planned to expand the program.

“There’s been some discussions of partnering with them once they’ve gotten off the ground in Augusta,” said Christy Jordan, chief operating officer at SGHS. “They were starting it in Augusta, and then when they’ve worked all the kinks out they talked about expanding it to here.”

In the meantime, Jordan said the health system is working on its own program to provide the same service to the Southeast Georgia area. The Brunswick hospital was not yet ready to provide details, however.

For more information on Augusta’s program, visit augustaexpresscare.org.

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