Tailgate to the Park

Children who attended One Hundred Miles’ recent “Tailgate to the Park” event at Inez Williams Park in Brunswick made “safety rocks” to place along the paths they walk to school.

The environmental nonprofit One Hundred Miles is working with the city of Brunswick and other local partners to improve the community’s walking and biking paths.

One Hundred Miles has presented proposals to city leaders that suggest various streets throughout the county that could be re-striped or enhanced to become more accessible to bikers and pedestrians. They’re also working to make communities more aware of their walking and biking options.

“One of the most important things for us is making sure that mobility is included in the vision that we all have for Glynn County,” said Alice Keyes, vice president of coastal conservation for One Hundred Miles.

One Hundred Miles recently hosted a “Tailgate to the Park” event at Inez Williams Park in Brunswick to promote safe routes for walking and biking in the neighborhood.

The event included games and food but was also an opportunity to educate attendees about ongoing projects to improve the city’s walking and biking paths, and to seek feedback about areas that need improvement.

“We were there really to help make it a fun event, to collect information from community members and to share information about some of the routes that the city has prioritized and has funding for the creation of new pedestrian and bike paths,” Keyes said.

One Hundred Miles also partners with Safe Routes to Schools, a Department of Transportation organization that advocates for the walking and biking safety of students. The two groups organized a walking audit last year, where nearly 50 volunteers collected data on the safety of walking paths to five schools in Brunswick.

That data was compiled and has been presented to city and school board leaders. Many areas need improvements. Keyes said their suggestions have included the construction of a pedestrian bridge in front of Glynn Middle School and the completion of sidewalk on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

One Hundred Miles is also promoting a separate proposal that would go along with the city’s Glynn Avenue Design Framework plan, through which the city intends to improve Brunswick’s gateway corridor on U.S. Highway 17.

The nonprofit has suggested including the creation of a bike trail in the city’s plans.

“We know that mobility and making more safer routes for kids and people of all ages to walk is about connecting communities to each other, to businesses and also to schools,” Keyes said. “So it’s all part of being a good connected community.”

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