Veterans count

Mike Williams, president and founder of GY6 Inc. walks with volunteer Cody Smith in local woods near a campsite where a homeless individuals stays. GY6 Inc. is completing a mock Point in Time Count focused on surveying all local homeless veterans.

A local nonprofit plans to complete a count of how many homeless veterans currently live in Glynn County, in hopes of bringing more resources to the area to serve this population.

The survey is modeled after the Point in Time Count, a homeless count completed every other year. This mock Point in Time Count being done by local nonprofit GY6 Inc. focuses on the homeless veterans in this area.

Mike Williams, founder and president of GY6 Inc., said past Point in Time Counts in this area have not accurately counted the homeless veterans in Glynn County.

Veterans, he said, need to be involved in the count and able to talk directly with the homeless veterans to get fully honest answers.

“A homeless veteran will open up to another veteran long before they do a civilian,” he said.

The nonprofit has put together a team of veterans to go out in the community and talk with homeless individuals. The count has been put on hold right now because of the coronavirus outbreak but will begin again, Williams said, an additional volunteers will be welcomed.

This work requires Williams and other volunteers to go out into all parts of the county, walking through woods and meeting homeless individuals wherever they are.

When volunteers meet a homeless individual, they explain the purpose of the count and ask a series of questions meant to collect certain data.

Williams said he tries to convey to those he meets the importance of accurately counting the local homeless veterans population.

“What (funding) the government will give this area is based on these counts,” he said. “I try to stress that to them … If we can get the money and get the resources here, we have a better chance of helping you guys get out.”

Williams plans to send his collected data to the Department of Community Affairs and to the local homeless coalition.

Those interested in donating the nonprofit or supporting this effort can learn more at

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