ST. MARYS — The commanding officer of the guided missile submarine that struck a buoy Nov. 25 in the channel leading to Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay was relieved of duty Monday by Rear Adm. Randy Crites, commander of Submarine Group 10.

Capt. David Adams, commanding officer of the USS Georgia’s Blue Crew, one of two that alternate patrols aboard the sub, was relieved of his command.

A Navy statement said Adams was dismissed due to a “loss of confidence in his ability to command based on facts and circumstances revealed in a command investigation into the Nov. 25, 2015, incident in which USS Georgia was returning to port, struck a channel buoy, and then grounded.”

Current estimates of damages to the boat are about $1 million. The investigation remains open and under review, Navy officials said.

Adams, in a phone interview with The News, confirmed he was “fired” Monday.

Adams was assigned to Submarine Group 10 after the accident.

He was remorseful about the accident and asked for a written statement to be printed in its entirety.

“The actions that hazarded Georgia upon a scheduled return to port in the dark on the morning of 25 Nov were mine alone,” Adams said. “I ask that my lapses not be used to denigrate the terrific service of the sailors and families of Georgia Blue. After 30 years of serving in the world’s finest Navy, my only regret is that I will miss sailing with them again to stand against our nation’s enemies.”

Capt. William Breitfelder, deputy commander of Submarine Squadron 16, will temporarily assume command of the USS Georgia (Blue) until a permanent relief is assigned.

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