A man involved in one of two related major narcotics distribution conspiracies recently prosecuted in federal court will be spending the next decade in a federal prison.

John Draxell Buckley — also known as Johnathan — earlier pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and distributing crack.

According to a sentencing memorandum filed by the defense before Monday’s hearing, Buckley entered the Navy as a young man in 1979, but he began abusing cocaine while stationed in San Diego. After a second enlistment, he returned to Brunswick, but he met people who taught him to freebase crack, and by 1987 he was heavily addicted.

He spent the next 20 years in and out of jails and probation facilities for offenses related to his addiction. Buckley went to prison on a possession charge in 2005, got out in 2007, and despite being clean since 2005, he reoffended in 2011 after turning back to selling drugs as a way to help out his money issues.

Buckley then served a prison term through 2014, and in November 2018 was one of nearly two dozen defendants named in a drug distribution conspiracy that went as far as Jacksonville, Fla. Because of Buckley’s lengthy past of drug possession and convictions, he was classified as a career offender, which is one of the reasons behind the sentence given.

Ultimately, Buckley received a sentence of 11 years and five months in prison and three years’ supervised release.

Also sentenced Monday was Alex Cribb, for his role in munitions thefts from the armory at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay. Cribb pleaded guilty to conspiracy to receive, conceal and retain the munitions for their own benefit.

Cribb recieved a sentence of three months in prison and three months’ home detention, followed by three years’ supervised release. While on home detention, Cribb isn’t allowed to leave the residence without pre-approval, and he’s not allowed to open new lines of credit or be a co-signer. He’s also responsible for his share, along with the five other defendants, of $22,825.37 restitution to the Navy.

Cribb is to self-report to prison within the next 30 days.

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