Mainland Planning Commissioners gave the go-ahead to rebuild a destroyed boat and sports vehicle business on U.S. Highway 341 Tuesday.

Bargeron Powersports and Marine burned down in May 2017. Firefighters at the time did not say what caused the fire, but that it was fueled by 55-gallon drums of high-octane racing gas, fiberglass and plastic in boat hulls and rubber tires. The business was declared a loss after firefighters spent 90 minutes combating the blaze.

County Planner Maurice Postal said structures rebuilt on the site will fall “generally” within the same footprint as the destroyed business.

The main building sat a little too far back into the county-mandated setback and buffers on three sites were not up to code, according to the planning and zoning division staff report on the site plan.

County staff recommended approving the site plan with conditions. A section of pavement on the Highway 341 side of the building extends to the property line, a violation that planners recommended waiving.

In addition, Postal said county staff recommended installing a new buffer along the Aubrey Street and Butler Drive sides.

Planning Commissioner Gary Nevill included a new stipulation in the motion that large deciduous trees be excluded from the buffers, as they may interfere with power lines.

The MPC approved the recommended motion with Nevill’s addition 5-0. Mary Hunt and Larissa Harris were absent.

MPC member Tim Murphy asked if there had ever been a final determination as to what caused the fire.

Darryl Bargeron, the business owner, said if there was he had not been informed.

In other business, the MPC approved a site plan for a scale house and employee shelter at the site of planned borrow pit operation off Golden Isles Parkway.

The scale will be used to measure material before loading and, and material will be transported off-site as demand allows, said Seaboard Construction Engineer Dustin Schedeker.

Postal said the operation would not begin until the trailer is installed.

MPC members voted 4-0 to approve the site plan. Nevill abstained.

At the end of the meeting, the MPC presented planning commissioner Tim Murphy with a proclamation from the Glynn County Commission thanking him for his service. He cannot be reappointed to the commission this year as he has served two consecutive terms.

The MPC’s next meeting is scheduled for Feb. 5.

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