The mother of a woman police say was slain last month by her police-officer husband is seeking a restraining order against the son of the man who they say shot her daughter dead.

However, Glynn County Magistrate Court granted a continuance of the request by Debra Gann to seek a restraining order against Bryce Sasser, the son of Robert "Cory" Sasser, the suspended Glynn County Police lieutenant who authorities say committed suicide after killing Katie Kettles Sasser and her male friend Johnny Hall Jr.

Gann is the mother of Katie Kettles. Kettles was the estranged wife of Cory Sasser on June 28 when police say he killed her and Hall at Hall's McIntosh County residence. Sasser then led law enforcement on a slow-speed pursuit to the driveway of his home in western Glynn County before shooting himself in the chest before dawn the next day.

Wrix McIlvaine, the lawyer for Gann, expressed disappointment over the court's decision. McIlvaine said in an email late Wednesday evening that Gann sought the restraining order against Bryce Sasser because of his alleged unwanted contact with Gann since the double-murder suicide. 

"He continues to make unwelcome contact with Ms. Gann and we are seeking to stop him from further contact until such time as the circumstances surrounding the murder of Katie Kettles and John Hall are fully investigated," McIlvaine, said in the email.

McIlvaine had requested a hearing on the matter for Wednesday "to put our concerns on the record and for the Court to put the reason for the recusal on the records," McIlvaine said in an email following the court's decision for a continuance. Bryce Sasser was hired by the Brunswick Police Department on June 16 and is presently an officer-in-training.

Magistrate Judge Jennifer Lewis granted the continuance Wednesday at the request of Savannah attorney Dow Bonds, who is representing Bryce Sasser. Bonds requested the continuation in order "to adequately prepare for the hearing," according to the court document.

Gann first sought the restraining order as early as June 30, McIlvaine said.

"Justice delayed in justice denied," McIlvaine said.

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