The St. Simons Land Trust is $1 million closer to its goal of meeting a $4 million challenge thanks to a recent anonymous donation.

The gift will go to helping the Land Trust meet the challenge put forth by The Anschutz Foundation earlier this year. The foundation awarded a $2 million grant to the Land Trust earlier this year. Another $2 million will be awarded if the Land Trust can raise $4 million.

“It’s remarkable when people show such a level of concern for the public good and have such a generous heart,” said St. Simons Land Trust Executive Director David Pope said. “The best way for us to show gratitude for this extraordinary gift is to meet the $4 million challenge of the Anschutz gift.”

A portion of the money was used this month to purchase the historic Mildred Huie Museum on Frederica Road. A release from the Land Trust this week said announcements could be made soon on other properties as well.

“Because of the extraordinary support from The Anschutz Foundation, and now this million-dollar match, we will be able to ensure that the St. Simons we love is protected for the next generation and the next,” said Land Trust executive director David Pope. “I continue to say that this is truly a game-changing opportunity for our community. We are humbled by and grateful for the support of such generous people.”

The Anschutz Foundation was established by Philip F. Anschutz, whose family is the owner of the Sea Island Company, to support a broad range of charitable initiatives.

The St. Simons Land Trust’s stated mission is to preserve the island’s natural an scenic character and to enhance the quality of life for the island community.

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