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Brunswick resident Sheila McNeill will be honored with the Distinguished Citizen Award from the Naval Submarine League on Thursday.

The Naval Submarine League has named Sheila McNeill, of Brunswick, as the 2019 recipient of the Distinguished Citizen Award.

The annual award recognizes individuals whose work has been of significant importance to the submarine force.

McNeill will receive award Thursday at the Naval Submarine League 37th Annual Symposium and Industry Update in Arlington, Va.

She is being honored for her nearly three decades of support for the Navy’s submarine force.

According to the commendation, McNeill is credited for spearheading a campaign to convert the nation’s first four ballistic missile submarines into guided missile submarines, rather than removing the boats from service as part of a nuclear arms reduction treaty.

McNeill, former national president of the Navy League, serves on the board of directors for the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation and has contributed to raising more than $400,000 each year for scholarships to submarine force dependents.

She continues to serve as the Southern regional leader for the Submarine Industrial Base Council, where she works to support initiatives that positively impact submariners and their families.

McNeill also serves as president of the Camden Partnership, a local organization that supports the Navy and Coast Guard.

Retired Vice Adm. Joseph E. Tofalo, former commander of the U.S. submarine forces said McNeill “has significantly helped educate policymakers and the public on the need to preserve the strength of the submarine force, and promote the value of the submarine industrial base as a vital part of our national security structure.”

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