APTOPIX Mozambique Cyclone

Women and men pick up bricks from a collapsed house to build another structure in Beira, Mozambique, on Sunday. Local nonprofit MAP International is sending 2,800 disaster health kits to Mozambique to help survivors of Cyclone Idai.

MAP International is sending 2,800 disaster health kits to Mozambique to help survivors of Cyclone Idai, which struct nations along the coast March 14.

The kits will be shipped from MAP’s Brunswick facility and include a first aid kit, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and other essential health items for those stricken by the deadly storm. Each kit has enough supplies to last 10 days and should arrive by the end of next week.

“MAP disaster health kits and health supplies will go a long way to provide comfort and meet the basic hygiene needs of people who have lost everything following this devastating cyclone,’’ said Jason Elliot, manger of disaster relief for MAP.

Governments are reporting more than 750 people died in the storm, about 450 from Mozambique, 259 in Zimbabwe and 56 in Malawi, the Associated Press said.

For survivors in Mozambique, there are few places to seek help. The storm destroyed health centers, hospitals and schools along with private residences.

The disaster health kits are just the beginning of MAP’s support. The items in those kits were donated, but the agency has bought other drugs and supplies to send an Interagency Emergency Health Kit, MAP said. The kits will include antibiotics for infection and rehydration supplies, MAP spokesman Martin Smith said.

Smith said the kits, on five to seven pallets, will be shipped from Europe and will have enough medicine to care for 10,000 people for three months.

The rehydration supplies help victims recover from waterborne illnesses such as diarrhea when clean water supplies are compromised.

A Christian relief organization, MAP has administrative offices and a warehouse off Glynco Parkway north of Brunswick. The agency maintains partnerships with other relief agencies that have personnel in impoverished nations around the world.

Although much of the medical supplies are donated, MAP International is in need of donations to pay for shipping relief supplies. For information or to donate go to the website map.org. Donations may be sent direction to MAP International, 4700 Glynco Parkway, Brunswick, GA 31525.

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