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Employees at PaR Marine work on a project at the facility in Brunswick. Companies like PaR Marine and others in the manufacturing sector offer benefits of higher wages and benefits, which positively impact other areas of the community.

While it happens primarily behind the scenes, manufacturing is a major economic force in the Golden Isles. It might not generate the $1 billion that tourism does, but it provides a healthy stream of tax dollars.

There are certainly a few of those in town.

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It’s a problem all over the county and not uncommon across the country, but City Manager Regina McDuffie hopes to appeal to Brunswick residents to keep the city clean by not disposing of their trash on the sidewalks and medians.

Southeast Georgia Health System is launching a local community chapter of Mended Hearts International (MHI), the largest peer-to-peer cardiovascular patient support network that provides education, support and hope to all types of cardiovascular patients and their caregivers.

Tourism is without a doubt a driving force in the Golden Isles, but developing a strong workforce and infrastructure for the future are imperative to ensure the local economy remains strong and resilient.