A man arrived Saturday night at the hospital in Brunswick with the femur in his left thigh shattered by a gunshot, according to a Glynn County Police report.

After exhaustive efforts by the responding police officer to determine anything further, little else about the shooting could be confirmed.

The victim, a man named Rashad, told the officer he was shot while pumping gas at a convenience store in Sterling, off U.S. Highway 341 in western Glynn County. He said his friend, Mario, then drove him to Southeast Georgia Health System’s Brunswick hospital emergency room. He arrived there about 6:46 p.m., according to emergency room staff. An X-Ray showed Rashad had been shot in the left leg. The bullet struck his femur and turned to shrapnel without making an exit wound.

Rashad said Mario drove him to the hospital in Rashad’s girlfriend’s 2003 silver Chevrolet Impala after the shooting. The girlfriend, as well as Rashad’s sister, were at the hospital and the Impala was in the parking lot. The girlfriend said they drove the car to the hospital from a residence on Norwich Street in Brunswick upon learning Rashad had been shot. Neither woman had ever heard of Mario.

The girlfriend said she had been sleeping, but that Rashad sometimes takes her car without asking. The officer looked inside the Impala. He saw no indication that someone with a gunshot wound had been taken anywhere in the car.

The girlfriend said the mother of Rashad’s child lived in Sterling and he could have been visiting the child. The officer contacted the mother, who said Rashad not been around for quite some time.

Rashad told the officer he had been pumping gas at a convenience store in Sterling when he heard six gunshots and jumped inside the car. He did not know which service station, but the officer determined Tommy’s Corner at 6010 U.S. 341 was the only one in the location described. Rashad realized he had been shot when he got inside the car, the report said. First he told police he drove to Mario’s house and Mario then drove him to the hospital. He later told the officer that Mario was his passenger, who then got behind the wheel and drove him to the hospital, the report said.

Employees at Tommy’s Corner did not recall any gunshots being fired near the store that night. At press time, police could not confirm the existence of Mario.

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