Five people pleaded guilty in felony cases over recent weeks in Glynn County Superior Court, including one man who admitted to methamphetamine trafficking.

Troy Gene Whittle, 33, for his plea to the trafficking offense March 22, received a sentence of 10 years in prison, to run concurrently with a sentence resulting from a probation revocation.

Jewell Edward Hayes, 20, pleaded guilty April 4 to theft by taking, which was from an incident Aug. 26 in which — according to the indictment — he opened up a key lock box and stole a 2018 Nissan Murano off the lot at Awesome Nissan.

In exchange for the plea, Hayes received a sentence of 20 years probation.

Christina Marie Lovett, 40, pleaded guilty April 4 to serious injury by vehicle. According to her indictment, the crime occurred May 27 when, while allegedly intoxicated, she caused a wreck that resulted in a serious injury to a man’s arm.

Lovett received a sentence of seven years in prison and eight years probation.

Tarik T. Brown, 38, pleaded guilty Monday to false imprisonment.

He originally faced seven charges, including aggravated assault in violation of the family violence act and aggravated battery in violation of the family violence act. He received a sentence of eight years probation.

Dylan David Rowe, 20, pleaded guilty April 4 to one count of sexual exploitation of children — he was indicted on 20 counts regarding possession of video files depicting boys engaging in sexual acts.

The plea has yet to be fully processed and he’s not yet received his sentence.

The crime carries a sentence range of five to 20 years.

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