Turner Spratling

Turner Spratling joined the local UGA Extension office in January and serves as the Agriculture and Natural Resources agent.

Turner Spratling’s job is to solve problems.

Spratling, who took over this year as the University of Georgia Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension agent in Glynn County, is available as a resource to all Glynn County residents.

His job is to be an unbiased educational resource to Glynn County in all issues related to agriculture.

“As an extension agent … you get to wear a lot of hats,” Spratling said. “... People call me for their agriculture issues.”

Spratling is able to answer residents’ questions by connecting them with research done at the University of Georgia, a land-grant university that provides an extension agent in every county in Georgia.

“I’m like the middleman,” Spratling said. “I’m the middleman between the university and the county.”

Spratling fields phone calls, performs site visits, organizes programs and more. His overall goal is to enhance agriculture in the area.

“I get calls from everyone from homeowners to commercial landscapers to farmers,” he said.

Spratling graduated from UGA in December 2018 with his Masters of Plant Protection and Pest Management degree. He joined the local UGA Extension office in January, filling the role held previously for many years by Don Gardner.

“The university delegates people like me to basically give people access to the information they’re putting out because they’re doing all this research,” Spratling said.

The extension office services are free and open to all. Spratling said he’s able to offer information on a vast array of agriculture issues, and he enjoys how the job presents him with new challenges and problems to solve every day.

“One week, one day I went to a horse farm and the next day I was at someone’s house for turf,” he said. “And I was looking at citrus trees, and then I was at a blueberry farm.”

Spratling encouraged community members to get in touch with his office if they have any agriculture-related questions or concerns.

“The more I’m utilized and the more often I can help people, I think that’ll increase the breadth of knowledge in the community … and just improve the well being of agriculture in the community,” he said.

Those seeking assistance can contact Spratling by calling 912-554-7577 or emailing tsprat@uga.edu.

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