Glynn County Schools students outpaced both the regional and state average in most subject areas of the spring Milestones assessments, according to data recently released by the state.

The Georgia Department of Education released the Georgia Milestones End-of-Course (EOC) and End-of-Grade (EOG) assessment data last month. The Glynn County Board of Education reviewed the data at a work session Aug. 8.

The test is one comprehensive program across grades 3-12 that includes open-ended questions to gauge students’ content mastery. Levels 2 through 4 are considered passing grades on the test.

The improvements seen in Glynn County Schools’ scores this year highlight the positive momentum in growth in school level results across grade bands, according to a press release from the school system.

“We are proud and appreciative of all the outstanding work of our teachers, school administrators, district and, most importantly, our students,” said Virgil Cole, Glynn County Schools superintendent, in a statement. “We want Level 3 to be the standard for Glynn County Schools, and these results are revealing the foundations for next level growth.”

For EOCs, Glynn County Schools surpassed the state and the first district Regional Education Service Agencies in Level 2 through 4 in high school course assessments for ninth-grade literature, American literature, algebra I, geometry, biology, physical science, U.S. history and economics.

For EOGs, students in third through eighth grades outperformed their peers in First District RESA and the state in English language arts (ELA). Both fifth grade and eighth grade exceeded the regional and state averages in science and social studies.

The results for third-grade reading and seventh-grade math were both equal to the state and above RESA.

“These highlights summarize the accomplishments of our students within the context of First District RESA and the state results,” said Valerie Whitehead, executive director of strategy and innovation for Glynn County Schools, in a statement. “While there have been positive upturns in our trend data, connecting these results with standards-based instruction will be an ongoing effort as we continue to assist each school in their educational planning and provide district supports for personnel.”

Looking at trends for Levels 3 and 4, Glynn County Schools reported that more students achieved the Proficient and Distinguished performance levels across grades and subject areas. Students who achieve these designations are considered on track to being college- and career-ready.

The school system saw a dip in Level 3 and 4 results in sixth-grade math and seventh-grade math. School and district administrators are creating new strategies with Eureka, a math curriculum, that will carry forward into middle school curriculum.

Georgia students as a whole showed strong gains on the spring 2019 Georgia Milestones assessments, according to the state education department. Scores increased or held steady on 25 of 26 assessments, which is the strongest gains recorded in the five years the assessment has been administered.

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