031219_pence protection

Local law enforcement officers helped protect Vice President Mike Pence while he was in town for the American Enterprise Institute's annual World Forum on Sea Island this past weekend.

In case you did not notice, the Vice President of the United States of America spent his weekend in the Golden Isles.

In addition to VP Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also attended the American Enterprise Institute’s annual World Forum on Sea Island. The conservative think tank’s yearly gathering of political and economic bigwigs is an extremely discreet affair, and some top members of the Brunswick and Glynn County police departments stepped up to ensure the event was uneventful from a security standpoint.

Members of the two law enforcement agencies provided security escorts for Pence, Pompeo and others from the local airport to Sea Island, said Brunswick Police Chief Kevin Jones. Police SWAT team members from both departments provided round-the-clock security on the private resort island as well, he said. Members of Brunswick’s K9 team also took part providing security.

“I have very competent people in place, and they conducted themselves very professionally,” Jones said. “I just sort of stood back and watched. It was an honor for our people to work together with county police in providing security for such an event.”

Pence and Pompeo both flew into the into the Brunswick Golden Isles Airport on Friday and departed late Saturday, Jones said. The local law enforcement officers worked in conjunction with the secret service, department of state and other federal agencies, said Glynn County Police Chief John Powell.

“We were glad to lend our resources as helping hands to provide security for this event,” Powell said. “Any time we can be called upon to provide assistance, whether with our residents or to those visiting our community, we try to render as much aid as we can.”

Pence and Pompeo both flew into the into the Brunswick Golden Isles Airport, Jones said. Police provided both men with separate police escorts to and from Sea Island. White advisor Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of President Trump, also received a police escort to and from the airport by local law enforcement, Jones said.

Brunswick and Glynn County SWAT team members were stationed on the island throughout the event, which also drew former Vice President Dick Cheney, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and AOL cofounder Steve Case.

The VIP security detail was not all work for the local cops. Members of both departments had an opportunity to meet and talk with Pence on Saturday, Jones said.

“They invited some folks over and were able to visit with the vice president briefly,” Jones said. “He came over and shook hands and took some photos with us. He didn’t just post for some photos and walk away. He took the time to have a conversation with us. He was a very nice man.”

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