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Cub Scout Teddy Weaver, 8, is slated to be awarded the Medal of Merit at a ceremony in Richmond Hill on Tuesday by the Boy Scouts of America for the water rescue of his cousin in a pool in Knoxville, Tenn., in April.

While on a Spring Break trip to Knoxville, Tenn., Teddy Weaver’s cousin Charlie Nash started, by all appearances, drowning in the hotel pool, sending both the St. Simons Island kids’ mothers into a panic.

“My sister and I, his mother, didn’t have our swimsuits on, and Charlie started to panic,” Julie Weaver, Teddy’s mother and a teacher at Goodyear Elementary, said on Thursday. “Ted just jumped in there to rescue him.”

For his part, Teddy, an eight-year-old Wolf Cub Scout with St. Simons Island Pack 227, was nonchalant about the whole event in an interview on Thursday.

“He was drowning, and I jumped in and pulled him out and did CPR. I got him to cough up water,” he said.

While he was reluctant to talk up the rescue, Teddy did admit that it was a difficult task.

“I almost drowned a couple of times, because he’s like 43 pounds, and I’m 54,” Teddy said.

“Charlie’s a big a kid, and Ted had to use all his strength to get him to the edge of the pool,” Julie Weaver said.

A witness account written by Charlie’s mother, Jenny Nash stated that Teddy didn’t hesitate before jumping into the pool to help his cousin.

“Ted immediately went into action when he saw his cousin was in trouble. He did not hesitate to take charge or responsibility,” Jenny Nash wrote.

Teddy jumping in to save his cousin wasn’t unprecedented, however. Due to a learning disability, Charlie Nash occasionally needs guidance.

“(Teddy’s) cousin is autistic, special needs, so he had a hard time retaining lessons. He had swim lessons, but he has a hard time remembering,” Julie Weaver said. “Ted just sort of appointed himself to watch over Charlie.”

Jenny Nash’s account corroborated the statement, saying that Teddy has always been protective of Charlie.

After the event, Teddy’s family decided to submit his story to the Boy Scouts of America, which in turn decided he had earned the program’s Medal of Merit.

According to the Boy Scouts’ official website, the medal is awarded to those who have “performed an act of service of a rare or exceptional character that reflects an uncommon degree of concern for the well-being of others.”

Teddy didn’t even make it two years into the program before winning a nationally-recognized award.

Julie said Teddy will be one of the award winners honored at the Boy Scouts’ Coastal Georgia Council recognition banquet Tuesday in Richmond Hill.

“I’m really thankful, Ted is our little hero,” Julie said.

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