St. Simons Elementary students have enjoyed a StoryWalk set up on campus to promote excitement around reading.

Any lover of stories knows that words come to life through the magical experience of reading.

Marshes of Glynn Libraries recently partnered with St. Simons Elementary to bring this exciting element of literature to students through a StoryWalk project.

The outdoor activity consists of panels that display the pages from a book along a trail.

Diana Graham, programming coordinator for Marshes of Glynn Libraries, partnered with St. Simons Elementary’s media specialist Heather Marshall to create the StoryWalk, which Graham hopes to expand and make available for other elementary schools.

“Her ultimate goal is to maybe have these ready to go for like a monthly checkout and rotation and put them out at all the schools so we could check them out and put them out at our school,” Marshall said. “It’s just a partnership.”

Students at St. Simons Elementary were delighted by the activity, Marshall said. A sign at the start welcomed them to the StoryWalk and encouraged them to take a stroll and read.

“It goes all the way down to the media center,” Marshall said. “You walk around and you read each page and you walk through.”

The StoryWalk set up in front of the school is based on the book “The Library Book” by Tom Chapin and Michael Mark.

“It’s been fun,” Marshall said. “We’re trying to keep things as normal-ish as possible but still keep things really fun. Anything like this they get so excited about.”

Marshall said she loves to see the excitement the activity evokes in students.

“I just love when they get excited about reading, and they see something like this and they’re like, ‘What is this, Mrs. Marshall? What are we doing now? What did you do?’” she said.

Collaborations like this are crucial, she said. The community regularly pools its resources to promote literacy in the most effective ways possible.

“We have so many resources now, we have ways to share,” she said. “We were trying to do stuff outside, not necessarily on a Chromebook or on a computer, saying, ‘Let’s go outside and look at this beautiful day. Come on, let’s go walk and read the story.’”

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