Four men who allegedly participated in a conspiracy to steal and squirrel away ammunition and explosives, while Marines at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, each received approval Wednesday from U.S. Magistrate Judge Benjamin Cheesbro to remain on pretrial release as their federal case continues.

Only one of the defendants — Sean Patrick Reardon — lives in the area. Caleb James Anderson presently lives in New Jersey, Austin Allen Cross lives in the Middle District of Florida and Kyle Preston Clasby lives in Colorado.

Because of those distances, some of the defendants were not able to have people on hand to sign a surety bond, which would allow those defendants to remain on pretrial release.

Cheesbro allowed all four men to sign personal recognizance bonds, and to have 21 days in which to find someone who would stand in as their surety to guarantee the defendants would attend their scheduled court dates.

Anderson, Cross and Reardon are all charged with conspiracy, possession of stolen explosive materials and theft of government property. Clasby is only charged with two of the counts — conspiracy and theft.

The indictment states the thefts occurred between September 2010 and July 2014, when Anderson and Cross would take the small arms ammo and explosives from the Kings Bay armory and bury them at the “Shoot House” on the base. Further, Anderson allegedly forged paperwork to provide stolen ammo to Cross, Reardon and Clasby.

In addition, Anderson and Cross also allegedly buried ammo and explosives at Reardon’s St. Marys rental property, while Clasby allegedly took a load to his residence in Colorado.

The indictment states Reardon dug up two crates of ammunition from the St. Marys property in February and dumped them into the Satilla River.

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