A 2.23 mile/5K fundraiser is planned for Saturday to raise awareness about racially charged injustices like the recent killing of Ahmaud Arbery.

The “Enough is Enough Justice Run” will be a 2.23/5K mile run or walk and will take place Saturday at Howard Coffin Park in Brunswick.

"The Justice Run is our form of protest. This run/walk isn't timed, which represents the never-ending, timeless cycle of silencing our experiences or transforming them into unspoken narratives of racial profiling and disdain,” said Valencia Kelly, organizer of the event. “Showing up for this event signifies a collective stance by those who are against racially fueled violence and hatred and want to start a new conversation around cohesiveness. It's about empowering the voice of the people, and creating a community of love. Our Black skin does not give permission to attack, taunt, hunt or murder us at will.”

Interested attendees can pre-register online now. Several participation options are available, including a Kid Run, a Virtual Justice Run, the 2.23-mile Justice Run and a 5K Justice Run. Registration fees range from $10 to $55.

Arbery’s family will receive a portion of the event proceeds.

“This is the community that raised me, and while there are so many incidents happening against Black people nationwide, this is where I am starting,” Kelly said. “It is time to speak up and show up. Enough is enough."

The event will kick off at 6:30 a.m. with the opening of on-site registration, and the run/walk will begin at 7:30 a.m.

Afterward, participants will observe a moment of silence for Ahmaud Arbery, and a presentation will be made to his mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones. The Justice Run will also feature a live DJ and local vendors.

Information about sponsorship opportunities, registration and additional donations is available online at alchemicxpressions.com/.

Participants and attendees are asked to take necessary precautions regarding COVID-19, by wearing masks and gloves and bringing a personal water source and hand sanitizer.

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