An application to replace a single-family residence built across two lots on St. Simons Island with two duplexes is on the Tuesday agenda of the Glynn County Islands Planning Commission.

According to a description of the proposed development provided by the applicant, the project would include two 4,103 square foot buildings along with a shared pool and pool deck.

Attached plans show each duplex to be three stories tall and face Seventh Street. Plans for the four residential units feature three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms.

Back decks lead to a backyard area, which features a fire pit and the aforementioned pool.

The existing house, located at the corner of Ocean Boulevard and Seventh Street, is 2,314 square foot, two stories tall and features four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, according to county records.

As background for the application, the planning and zoning division’s staff report notes approval or denial of an expedited subdivision plat is contingent on the IPC’s ruling on this site plan.

The site plan applicant also submitted a new plat to reorient the two lots, which are currently arranged in a north-south configuration, to face Seventh Street.

“Because the site layout will be approved through the site plan approval process, the expedited subdivision will receive final approval once the site plan is approved (if approved in the currently proposed configuration),” the staff report states.

Also included in the staff report is a comment from the county arborist, Don Gardner.

According to the report, the arborist found two large live oaks the owner wants to cut down are healthy, while two the owner wants to preserve are in decline.

County staff asked the agent for the owner if they would be willing to change their plans to preserve the two healthy trees, the report states, but the applicants haven’t submitted any revisions.

Also on the agenda is a site plan application for a new event pavilion at the King & Prince Beach and Golf Resort and an addition to a single family home in the Pier Village area.

The pavilion site plan shows a 2,755 square foot, open-air pavilion at the end of Arnold Street between the main resort building and the King & Prince’s North Villas.

The IPC’s Tuesday meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. in Sea Palms Resort’s grand ballroom, 515 N. Windward Drive on St. Simons Island.

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