The Glynn County Islands Planning Commission will meet Tuesday to consider, among other things, requested amendments to the planned development texts of the McKinnon St. Simons Island Airport.

The airport property consists of three parcels, all of which are zoned planned development, or PD, according to a county planning and zoning division staff report.

While the airport property already has some commercial establishments on it, the Glynn County Airport Commission wants to “allow a wider variety of commercial uses” by changing the planned development text of all three parcels, the report states.

According to the report, the PD text for all three properties currently “allows a mix of airport, commercial and light industrial uses. The retail and service industry uses are restricted by a specific type. For example, a retail store selling sporting goods is allowed, but a retail store selling antiques is not allowed. The PD does not currently allow any restaurants, coffee shops, or other food service that has a dining room.

“The proposed amendments would allow a wider variety of commercial uses by adding the permitted, conditional and special uses allowed in the Glynn County Zoning Ordinance, general commercial zoning district, as currently adopted or as amended if revised in the future.”

Uses allowed in general commercial zones include “businesses involving the rendering of a personal service”; retail and wholesale businesses; private or semi-private clubs; places of worship; off-street commercial parking; hotels and motels; commercial trade, vocational or private schools; restaurants; radio or television stations or transmission towers; public utility installations or other essential services; office buildings; some repair garages; newspaper publishing facilities; educational facilities directly related to a hospital or the Glynn County Board of Health; and telecom facilities.

Other uses — such as mixed commercial and residential, vehicle service stations, clinics, care homes, “drinking establishments,” and auditoriums — fall under special and conditional uses, for which the owner must get a permit from the county.

All uses can be found in zoning ordinance section 712.

The IPC cannot approve zoning amendments. It can only make recommendations on them to the Glynn County Commission.

The only other item on the agenda — a site plan for a building to house administration and sales offices, repair facilities and storage for Seaside Maintenance at 104 Skylane Court — was withdrawn by the applicant. The IPC deferred the item at its last meeting.

Residents of the nearby Sandcastle neighborhood turned out at the May meeting to express concerns with plans to use a county buffer in a nearby drainage easement to satisfy part of the site plan’s buffer requirement.

They were worried the development would interfere with the county’s ability to maintain the ditch in the drainage easement, which could impact drainage in other neighborhoods further south.

Architect Robert Ussery, who drew up the site plan, said he could change some things around to meet the county’s buffer requirement without using the buffer in the drainage easement.

A statement from Ussery, provided by Planning Manager Stefanie Leif on Thursday, read ”The Seaside Maintenance owners wish to withdraw their application. They are working with the (Glynn County) Airport Commission on possible alternatives. There is no timeline as to when we may be back.”

Leif said, to her knowledge, the planned development text amendment request from the airport commission had nothing to do with the site plan’s withdrawal.

The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday in Sea Palms Resort’s grand ballroom, 515 N. Windward Drive on St. Simons Island.

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