Among the indictments issued by a Glynn County grand jury Wednesday, at least a dozen people face serious charges for alleged offenses, including two people charged in the same case.

Tyler Justin Aceto is charged with aggravated battery and aggravated assault for, in September 2017, allegedly punching another man so hard it fractured his skill, which led to a fall that also resulted in a skull fracture and bleeding on the brain.

According to police statements at the time, the two men encountered each other outside Rafters in the St. Simons Island Pier Village in the early morning hours. Aceto allegedly misbehaved inside the bar, and after staff escorted him outside, Aceto allegedly continued acting belligerently. Donovan Norris, the victim, had an apartment nearby and was walking by at the time when the men had words with each other.

Takashia Atkinson faces one count of arson because — in February 2017 — she allegedly set fire to a man’s residence in the 2000 block of Old Jesup Road. In what appears to be an unrelated matter, a federal grand jury indicted Atkinson in August 2017 and again in September 2017 for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine, but the U.S. Attorney’s Office moved to dismiss that indictment in March 2018.

Jacob Winton Carver was indicted on two counts of theft by taking, along with exploitation and intimidation of an elder person, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, false imprisonment, criminal trespass and obstruction of an officer.

In August, Carver allegedly stole a 2007 Nissan Altima and in September he allegedly took a Ruger LCP .380-caliber pistol from a different person. On Oct. 5, he allegedly pushed and shoved to the ground a woman older than 65, damaged her drywall and bedroom mirror and confined her to her bedroom after taking her mobile phone. He also allegedly ran from an officer who was trying to arrest him.

Justin Maddison Drury is charged with aggravated assault, battery in violation of the state Family Violence Act, third-degree child cruelty and criminal trespass for allegedly attempting to strangle a woman and biting her while a child witnessed the incident in June 2017. He also allegedly damaged the woman’s mobile phone by repeatedly hitting it on a table.

Melvin Freeman was indicted on aggravated assault and first-degree child cruelty charges for choking and attempting to strangle a child on consecutive days in March.

Joseph Anthony Gallo allegedly illegally contacted a woman and in doing so violated a good behavior bond, and on the same day in January 2018 also enticed a child away from the same woman, who had lawful custody.

Brandon Mann-Owens is up on 14 counts of theft by taking and 12 counts of theft by deception in what appears to be an alleged scheme to rob one man of his firearms and sell them to others.

Mann-Owens allegedly took, between August and October 2018, a Beretta Onyx 686 12-gauge shotgun, a Beretta Onyx 686 20-gauge shotgun, a Beretta Outlander 12-gauge shotgun, a Beretta Silver Pigeon 697 12-gauge shotgun, a Beretta Silver Pigeon 697 20-gauge shotgun, a Benelli Ethos 20-gauge shotgun, a Benelli Vinci Inertia System 12-gauge shotgun, a Browning A-bolt 6.5 mm Creedmoor rifle, a Browning A5 12-gauge shotgun, a Browning Gold Hunter 12-gauge shotgun, a Browning SA-22 Takedown .22-caliber rifle, a CZ 612 Wildfowl Ducks Unlimited Edition 12-gauge shotgun, a Glock 19 9 mm pistol and a Ruger 10/22 Takedown .22-caliber rifle.

He then allegedly made a dozen sales while representing that he was the lawful owner of the firearms.

Malik Narashad Mitchell and Jonathan Shahadd Ruff were indicted on aggravated assault on a police officer, fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer and obstruction of an officer. Ruff is also charged with another obstruction count, along with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm during commission of a felony, possession of drug-related objects and theft by receiving stolen property.

On Oct. 8, the accused men allegedly fled in a vehicle from police in a car and struck another vehicle, accelerating while the officer’s arm was in the defendants’ car. Ruff also fled on foot. He was found with more than an ounce of marijuana, a digital scale and a Glock 27 9 mm handgun.

Samuel David Outlaw is charged with aggravated assault and possession of a handgun by a person under the age of 18 years because he allegedly pointed a Jimenez Arms .380-caliber pistol at another person Aug. 6, at a time which Outlaw was not yet 18 years old.

Charles Anthony Samrany stands accused of second-degree burglary and two counts each of first-degree burglary and theft by taking for a series of actions in October.

He allegedly illegally entered the residences of two people, entered a structure owned by one of the alleged first two victims, and stole a EZ-Go golf cart from that man and white Mitzi skiff from a different man.

Rounding out this series of indictments is Katherine Trey, who was charged with three counts of obstruction of an officer along with sexual battery, simple battery and criminal trespass. She was allegedly told to leave the Village Inn and Pub on Mallery Street on July 16, did not, and while interacting with a reporting officer allegedly spit on him, kicked at him, forcefully grabbed his genitals and generally resisted arrest.

Federal sentencing

In other criminal matters from Wednesday, Michael Arthur Nixon received his sentence in federal district court for his role in a narcotics distribution conspiracy. He pleaded guilty May 21 to the lesser-included offense of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and distributing cocaine.

The defense wanted to delay the sentencing — which was already rescheduled once — because a material witness who supervised Nixon at a Savannah halfway house in 2017 said she needed and had yet to receive authorization from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, among others, to testify.

U.S. District Judge Lisa Godbey Wood denied the motion, stating, “The witness can attempt to obtain relief from the court by way of a motion to quash. Absent the granting of any such motion, the witness will appear, if necessary by way of U.S. Marshal transport.”

According to previous court testimony, Nixon met the ringleader of a related conspiracy case while in federal prison in Jesup, and once they got out, Nixon put that man in touch with a co-conspirator to help smuggle cocaine from Peru. Nixon’s phone was one of those that the FBI task force investigating the conspiracy tapped and from which they obtained information.

The sentencing guidelines put Nixon’s possible prison time at 121 to 151 months, and Wood sentenced him to 11 years and five months in prison and six years’ supervised release, concurrent to a term entered for his supervised release revocation.

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