WOODBINE — Another high-profile candidate for governor has thrown his support behind a proposed spaceport in Camden County.

Current Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle joins fellow Republican, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, in expressing support for the project.

“By investing in Camden County to create the first commercial spaceport in Georgia — the only exclusively vertical, non-federal range on the East Coast — we are making a significant investment in our future,” Cagle said in a statement. “Georgia is ready to lead the nation and the world in building a workforce and an economy that is second to none.”

He said the state’s quality education system will also play an important role.

“In order to maximize our state’s opportunities, we must continue to leverage our most valuable assets, that being our education system, from encouraging STEM and coding in our K-12 schools to growing industry partnerships with technical colleges and universities,” he said.

The acronym STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math courses.

Cagle said the spaceport is much more than a job creator.

“Spaceport Camden is not just an economic development project or jobs announcement,” he said. “In addition to holding the promise of growth, new jobs, and economic partnerships across our state, Spaceport Camden represents one of the most inspiring forces of innovation that has challenged our nation to reach for greatness.”

Camden County Administrator Steve Howard said he is encouraged by the support of both Cagle and Kemp, who expressed his support during a personal appearance last month.

“Georgia is fortunate to have forward thinking leadership that truly understands the remarkable opportunity we have in Spaceport Camden,” Howard said. “Lt. Gov. Cagle understands that this project is not just about Camden County or Coastal Georgia, it represents a chance to transform Georgia into a STEM powerhouse that is ideally situated for the 21st century economy.”

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