goat land clearing

Goats from Get Your Goat Rentals clear an overgrown area along the railroad tracks behind Jackie’s Seafood on Monday.

You may have seen roaming packs of goats noshing on brush and vegetation around Brunswick over the past few weeks.

As The News reported on June 6, these resident Bovidae are part of a partnership between Brunswick, Savannah and “Get Your Goat Rentals,” a Decatur-based company that leases goats to feast on invasive plants such as poison ivy, poison oak, Kudzu, vines and briers.

Brunswick and Savannah began sharing a herd of goats earlier this month, and interim assistant city manager Beatrice Soler said the animals have been effective. She said they cleared an area in the Magnolia Park neighborhood in a span of three days.

“The goats have been able to address multiple areas within the city other than College Park, including Magnolia Park area, areas by the hospital and other overgrowth in other ditch areas,” Soler said. “Currently, Public Works is working with Get Your Goat Rentals on a list of areas that need to be addressed within the city before heading over to Savannah.”

Soler said that, aside from inclement weather, there were few issues getting the goats to Brunswick from Savannah.

The best part is that no one really seems to mind these handy new herbivores.

“For the most part, the city has received positive feedback and praise for taking an alternative approach,” Soler said. “For every negative comment or complaint, the city has received at least five positive comments on the project.”

The goats have not only been a positive addition to the city, but they have also helped cut back on the use of chemicals that hurt the environment. Soler said the city would like to continue using them if the program is sustainable.

“Having the goats around has been an informative and enlightening overall,” Soler said. “Instead of using hazardous chemicals that can be costly and unhealthy for the environment, having goats is a greener way of approaching overgrowth and mitigating areas — especially because we’re in hurricane season.”

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