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Ashley Carlson, a senior at Glynn Academy and founder and president of the school’s photography club, hands a photo to the club’s advisor Gena Churchwell. The photography club is sponsoring a photo contest for the school’s students, staff, parents and alumni.

Many of us are prone in today’s fast-paced world to forget to pause and reflect.

All around, though, are specials scenes to see, small beauties for all to share.

A photo contest hosted this year by Glynn Academy’s photography club hopes to encourage Golden Isles residents to take a moment and search for something that connects them to their community.

“It could be a simple reminder to kind of slow down and remember you have connections to this,” said Ashley Carlson, who founded the school’s photography club three years ago, during her sophomore year. Carlson, now a senior at Glynn Academy, serves as the club’s president.

“This will be my last year, but the club is just getting started,” she said.

Carlson started the club as a way to make time to explore her own passion for photography as well as to provide all students at the school with an opportunity to hone their photography skills.

The club’s nearly 30 members meet every other Tuesday morning before school. They host bake sales during the year to raise money to eventually purchase a camera for the club.

They also go on group outings regularly, to take pictures around the community, and numerous guest speakers have shared their talents with the club’s members.

Students in the club are not required to have a camera — just an interest in the craft.

“A lot of them will come with their iPhones — they have terrific cameras in that. And they can still edit pictures,” said Gena Churchwell, the club’s advisor and a teacher at Glynn Academy. “You’re not required to have a camera to be in the club. You just have to love photography.”

Last year, the club introduced the photography contest, open to all GA students, staff and alumni. This year, the contest is also open to GA parents.

Last year’s winning photos hang today in the Sidney Lanier building hallway and will be replaced next year by the new contest winners.

The theme of this year’s competition is “Connections,” and the submissions will be separated into categories such as family, friends, nature and relationships.

School staff and local photographers serve as the competition judges.

The deadline to submit a photo entry is Jan. 31. There is no entry fee.

Photographers can enter up to three photos and can include a short blurb describing the connection for the judges.

Contest winners will be announced Feb. 14.

Photo submissions can be sent to Churchwell at gena.churchwell@glynn.k12.ga.us.

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