John Shaw was barely phased by the werewolves and clown standing at his sides.

Standing in front of the video camera, set on a tripod, Shaw read from his prompt in a clear, professional manner.

“Good afternoon, Brunswick High,” said Shaw, a Golden Isles College and Career Academy student, using a gruff, spooky voice. “Welcome to the Golden Isles College and Career Academy’s first annual Fright Mare and Film Festival.”

Behind Shaw, two students wearing werewolf masks and a third in a clown mask hovered creepily. The werewolves poked Shaw with their clawed-gloves, and the clown grinned at his side.

The group was filming an informational video about the Career Academy’s upcoming Fright Mare Film Festival and Haunted House, which will take place Oct. 26-31.

The filming required the students to use their video production skills learned in GICCA’s classrooms. The masks and props just made it fun.

Such is the spirit of the upcoming film festival and haunted house event, the first of its kind at GICCA.

The event was the brainchild of GICCA’s graphic arts instructor Hilton Neeld, who said the project has brought the entire school together and allowed students to use the variety of skills they’re learning at GICCA.

“This is the first project I’ve ever had where I actually had kids from other programs come knocking on my door wanting to participate,” he said Friday, as the students worked on the informational video.

The Haunted House has been imagined, designed and built by GICCA’s students. Every pathway — from construction to healthcare to graphic arts — has been a part of the project. Construction students built the walls. Video production students have helped with the marketing. Engineering students built animatronics. And each room in the house has been designed by a different class.

The five-day event will begin with a film festival Oct. 26 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Career Academy. A feature film will be shown, along with four short films created by the video production students.

That event is free.

The Haunted House, which will be set up in the school’s large conference room space, will be open for four days.

It will first run that Saturday, Oct. 27, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Then it will be open again Oct. 29-31 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“We’re going to be closed that Sunday, and that kind of allows us to fix whatever wasn’t fixed the first day,” Neeld said.

Tickets will be sold at the event’s door for $8. Tickets are available until Oct. 26 for pre-sale at a cost of $5. Tickets can be purchased at the school’s front desk or by calling Neeld at 912-270-8861.

All proceeds will benefit GICCA’s extracurricular activities, including Skills- USA and FFA.

Glynn County Schools police will be onsite throughout the event, Neeld said.

“They’re going to provide security the nights of, so it will be a nice, safe, family-friendly environment,” he said.

Student volunteers will be working in the haunted house itself. The short films created by students will be played again, on loop in the lobby, for attendees to watch while in line.

The students have also gained experience in social media marketing through the project. They’ve promoted their work every step of the way on the school’s Facebook and Instagram pages and YouTube channel.

“We’re trying to create all our own marketing materials,” Neeld said.

The entire event will be a high-quality experience that the whole family can enjoy, he said.

“Come help support us,” Neeld encouraged. “This is our first ever, and we sure would like to make this an annual event.”

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