GBI released this sketch of a woman who was found floating in the Darien river. If you have any information on the woman, contact GBI at 912-729-6198 or Darien police at 912-437-6644.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is reaching out to the public for help in identifying a woman whose body was found floating April 3 in the Darien River.

The African-American woman was estimated to be between 25 and 40 years old, was 5-feet, 4-inches tall and weighed 255 pounds, said Stacy Carson, special agent in charge of the GBI’s Kingsland office.

The GBI also released an artist’s depiction of the woman as she may have appeared before her death.

She was clothed in a black dress and her body bore a tattoo on the right forearm that reads “Dreams are Manifestations of our Identities.” The tattoo was done in a combination of Old English script and florid cursive.

Carson declined to comment on how the woman died or medical examiners’ estimates of the time of death. She said, however, that foul play has not been eliminated as the cause.

A fisherman found the body about 6 p.m. April 3 floating near Boone’s Seafood docks on the incoming tide. Darien Police Chief Donnie Howard and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources asked the GBI to assist in the investigation, and the body was sent to the GBI crime lab in Savannah where an autopsy was conducted.

Anyone with information on a woman matching the description is asked to contact the GBI at (912) 729-6198 or the Darien Police Department at 912-437-6644.

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