Jennifer Meyers, right, is pictured with her family. Meyers recently joined the Gathering Place in Brunswick.

If Jennifer Meyers’ face looks familiar, it’s likely because you’ve seen her somewhere before. The chronic do-gooder is always out in the community finding ways to lend a hand wherever it is needed.

It comes easily for her. She has a deep love of the community, one she is happy to claim as her hometown.

“I grew up on St. Simons Island, and we moved back in 2007, so we’ve been here for 11 years,” she said.

Meyers and her husband, Dan, have been active in the faith-based community since returning. Both have worked with a variety of projects. And that commitment remains strong today.

“Dan and I have a theory on life, and that’s people want to do good,” she said. “They just don’t know how a lot of times.”

That’s why they get involved with groups that offer an outlet. Recently, Meyers signed on as the associate director of discipleship for the Gathering Place in Brunswick. The Christian organization offers a number of programs for students, which she will help flourish.

One of her key areas of involvement will be with 707 youth groups. The program serves students in grades 8 to 12, offering them a faith-based space to meet once a week prior to the start of school, i.e. 7:07 a.m.

It’s a cause near and dear to Meyers heart. She grew up attending local 707 meetings.

“I was a 707 member, so now it’s really great for me to be able to pour back into our students,” she said. “And I am so excited to be working with the Gathering Place.”

The small groups are overseen by adult mentors who help guide and direct the youngsters as they walk the difficult road of middle and high school.

“There are two adults per group. Businesses offer to host the groups, and they meet at different locations and days of the week,” she said. “The meetings let the students have a Bible study before school, but also they make these connections. It’s special because it’s peer-to-peer.”

The 707 members can help keep one another on track and support each other’s spiritual journey. Meyers knows how impactful these relationships can be and encourages students to consider giving it a try.

“It is so important to be able to talk to other kids your own age and gender. It really helps with all of the different tests going on during that time,” she said. “It is a check-in point every week before school. If someone starts missing, the other students will go and find out what is going on to make sure they’re OK.”

As the school year approaches, Meyers is preparing to welcome new students but is also hoping for more adult involvement, as well as businesses who would be willing to serve as meeting points.

“We are looking for adults who would like to be 707 leaders for our community. Please contact the Gathering Place for more information of how to plug into these 707 groups as a small group leader,” she said.

“Also, restaurants who would be willing to host 707 groups on weekday mornings at 7 a.m. please contact us. We are grateful for the locations who currently host groups and are always looking for more. And lastly, students are what make up the 707 groups. They can find more info and register on our website — thegp.org.”

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