Construction on Frederica Road will pick up again Sunday, marking the beginning of overnight resurfacing work from Demere Road to the north of Sea Island Road.

Glynn County Public Works Director Dave Austin said the contractor assigned to the project, East Coast Asphalt, plans to work from 6 p.m. Sunday to 6 a.m. Monday, but will likely start working at around 7 p.m. on Monday to avoid as much evening traffic as possible.

From the roundabout at Demere, workers will resurface the road up to Sea Island Road. Sea Island Road will get the same treatment from the Shops at Sea Island to Black Banks Drive.

Once that’s complete, the contractor will continue on Frederica and stop at a point around Ameris Bank.

Three intersection improvements are wrapped up in the project. Lanes of Frederica Road approaching Sea Island Road from the south will be widened to accommodate longer turn lanes and the contractor will perform some drainage work at Frederica’s intersection with Wymberly Road. Riverview Drive will also be repaved some distance from its intersection with Frederica.

So far, two steps of the project have been completed. East Coast Asphalt finished repaving the stretch of Frederica Road from Kings Way to Demere Road earlier this week before working on extending the road’s shoulder at certain points further north.

Specifically, Austin said, the contractor was targeting spots on the road where wheels of vehicles, in particular, those hauling trailers, were dropping off the side of the road and creating ruts.

In total, he said the plan was to extend the shoulder of around 7,000 linear feet of Frederica Road, while the section the contractor is working on is, taking both sides of the road into account, around 40,000 linear feet.

The county had originally planned for the contractor to resurface Frederica from Kings Way to Demere Road before repaving Sea Island Road from the Shops at Sea Island to Black Banks Drive. From there, the plan was to repave Frederica Road north to Ameris Bank and then double back to repave from Sea Island Road to Demere.

Funding for the project — which is expected to cost around $1.94 million — is coming from Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax 2016 revenue.

Glynn County Commissioners voted to commit $1.87 million in SPLOST funds to the project last month. On Thursday it decided to put another $72,500 into the project to speed along certain parts of it.

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