The 15 kiosks that housed shops in the St. Simons pier village are leaving the island intact.

After sitting for months on a vacant lot in the 2600 block of Demere Road, the first two of the kiosks were hauled 28 miles Monday to Hudson Creek Lodge in Darien where they will serve as lodging for the wedding venue, said Bill Wallace, whose wife operates the lodge.

Donnie Gibson, owner of Donoco Moving and Recovery, said it would take a week to get all the kiosks from St. Simons to the Carnigan community where they’ll serve a new purpose at the lodge off Ga. Hwy. 99.

Wallace said he only learned about the kiosks recently and worked out a purchase deal with owner Chris Beaufait.

Having acquired the kiosks, Beaufait had them moved from their former home at the corner of Mallery and Beachview Drive to his lot on the western side of the island.

Wallace said the plan is to join some to create more room for overnight guests.

“The house will sleep 21. When you have a wedding with 100 people,’’ that’s not enough beds, he said.

The quaint, pastel-colored structures were moved to clear the lot in the village for a 20,000-square-foot art museum.

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