The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center at Glynco has suspended in-residence training exercises for a period of 10 days.

The suspension, effective this past Sunday, is in response to recent COVID-19 testing of students and instructors, according to Lori Flynn, FLETC public affairs specialist.

Students, who remain on campus, are prohibited from leaving the post, according to an inside source who is not authorized to speak for FLETC.

The center administered more than 500 COVID-19 tests on Oct. 26 to students, high-contact instructors and other staff as part of its risk mitigation efforts, Flynn said.

Flynn said 30 students tested positive, 12 of whom are experiencing mild symptoms.

“Our experience managing COVID-19 has shown that positive test results on FLETC will happen,” FLETC Director Thomas Walters said. “FLETC’s staff and our (Department of Homeland Security) medical officers are getting really good at keeping those numbers low.”

FLETC’s other training facilities at Charleston, S.C., Artesia, N.M., and Cheltenham, Md., remained fully operational as of Wednesday.

“This is the second time since we reconstituted training in June that we witnessed a spike that didn’t plateau,” Walters said. “That’s why, just as I did recently at the FLETC Charleston training delivery point, I decided to temporarily pause training here at the Glynco center to once again stop the spread.”

To date, FLETC has conducted more than 10,000 COVID-19 tests as part of its overall risk mitigation strategy to date, he said.

“In addition to testing, FLETC pre-screens students prior to their arrival, mandates masks in all situations where social distancing is not possible and conducts daily temperature checks,” Walters said. “Our efforts and experience have successfully kept the positivity rate for COVID-19 to 0.5 percent, which is significantly below the national average.”

The center did not disclose how many students are currently training at the Brunswick base. As of July 20, 1,025 students, the number FLETC is able to safely house on campus, were training at the facility.

“I am confident that FLETC’s COVID-19 risk mitigation strategy is one of the best in the country,” Walters said. “We have a trained team of contact tracers who are activated within one hour of any report of a positive case to ensure that the potentially affected personnel are tested, identified and isolated to contain a spread. Contact tracing and testing continues to work in quickly identifying affected students and personnel.”

Explosions heard on the post Wednesday were part of an in-house training exercise for FLETC instructors.

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